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The orange-and-brown-on-light-olive ottoman
beside the truck on the side of the road
next to the gas station out on the mesa
is apparently for sale. Pathetic, no, but funny,
and funnier still when we stop to buy it for five dollars, 

Cold Comfort to Doom

No crops to sow. No shocks. No cobs, no corn’s
down floss. No cock’s crow. No storms

to grow. No cool to morn. No blood to spot; no flocks
of cotton bolls to lop. No flocks. . .


When the last rifle-shots of the season ring out
across the river—swollen thick with rain and mud,
moving forward as everything must—

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Digging to the Antipode

In 2017, I lived in two antipodal places in Southern Spain and Northern New Zealand, only one hour away from the exact antipodal coordinates for each: Rota, in Cádiz, Spain; and Muriwai Beach, New Zealand.