“Bubble Gum Fighters” from The Peanutbutter Sisters and Other American Stories, copyright © 2022 by Rumi Hara. Reprinted by permission of Drawn & Quarterly, drawnandquarterly.com.


Pages 16–17 (“Everything Will Be All Right in the End”) © Cass Lintz; page 30 (“Guided”) © Sergei A via Unsplash and Olivia Loorz; page 36 (“The Apologetic Body”) © Yasuo Takeuchi via Unsplash; page 48 (“Owen”) © edgeeffectmedia via Unsplash; pages 66–73 (“The Sun Still Shines”) © Lisa Love Whittington; page 74 (“After Nothing Is Left, the Leaves . . .”) © Keagan Henman via Unsplash; pages 82–83 (“Red Diagonal”) Albertus Seba, public domain, via Creative Commons; page 89 (“Blue Bricks Baby”) © Frederick Converse Beach via Florida ETC; pages 105–112 (“Bubble Gum Fighters”) © Rumi Hara; page 117 (“Your Perfection and Our Hope”) © Cass Lintz; page 124 (“Symbiosis”) © Robert Kretschmer and Mikenorton via Wikimedia Commons.