Notes and Recent Awards

The editors would like to congratulate the following writers:


Best American Essays 2022
Notable Special Issue
The Climate Issue (vol. 17, no. 1)

Notable Essay
Austin Gaffney
The Possum Queen (vol. 16, no. 2)

David Gessner
Losing Everything (vol. 17, no. 1)

Cecily Parks
The Past in Pastoral (vol. 17, no. 1)


Best American Science & Nature Writing 2022
Notable Essay
Jennifer Case
A Cost Accounting of Birth (vol. 16, no. 2)


Best American Short Stories 2022
Kim Coleman Foote
Man of the House (vol. 16, no. 2)


Best Spiritual Literature 2022
Kenji C. Liu
A Spectre Is Haunting Street View (vol. 16, no. 2)