Abigail Greenbaum

Abigail Greenbaum’s essays and stories have appeared in the Atlantic, New World Writing, Free State Review, the Butter, the Louisville Review, and other places. In 2017, she received a Nan Snow Emerging Writing Award from the C. D. Wright Women Writers Conference. She teaches at Georgia Highlands College and holds an M F A from the University of Mississippi. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her daughter.

On Self-Rescue

This past summer, I didn’t run the Upper Green, the Chattooga, or any of my favorite whitewater rivers, because my kayak skirt no longer fits around my pregnant belly. That’s what I say to my boating friends when they invite me on trips. But the truth is I haven’t been on rivers since before my body showed its tenant. I’ve been scared.

Notes from a Nonnative Daughter

The hunters do not trust me. Not even after I drive three hours down from northwest Georgia, offer beer from my cooler, and stow my sleeping bag in a trailer at their camp. They believe I am an undercover animal-rights…