Amit Majmudar

Amit Majmudar is a novelist, poet, translator, essayist, and diagnostic nuclear radiologist. His latest books are Godsong: A Verse Translation of the Bhagavad-Gita, with Commentary and the novel Sitayana. A historical novel, Soar, and a poetry collection, What He Did in Solitary, are forthcoming in 2020. His work has appeared in The Best American Poetry, the New Yorker, Poetry, The O. Henry Prize Stories 2017, The Best American Essays 2018, and the New York Times.

Solitary Sonzal

Whose voice was that, here, where I lie alone? 
Look at you, said Eros. Scared, shy, alone.  
I dreamt my dreaming of you 
Brought us together. 
I love you as only dust can love you.

Visionary Sonzal

Keen eyes read the top row, staring straight ahead until the words unfocus.
G, then something, then D . . . If only that middle letter were in focus!
On this eye chart, every focal point is a vanishing point.
Desire dilates pupils. We can’t keep the world in focus.

To His Soul

Soul, / You too are just another locust, / Only lonely in the swarm / Soul, / You pagan clinging to this body, / Your rabbit’s foot, your charm. . . .


The sky goes naked. Daylight cannot shame the air. / I try to write your body, but it feels like naming air.