Ander Monson

Ander Monson is the author of five books, most recently Vanishing Point (Graywolf, 2010) and The Available World (Sarabande, 2010); a Web site; a decoder wheel; two chapbooks; and other paraphernalia. The editor of the magazine DIAGRAM (thediagram.com) and of the New Michigan Press, he lives in Tucson and teaches at the University of Arizona.

Dear Future Lover

Here’s a relic for the reliquary. Another artifact of the past. Go ahead, take it, collect it, chuck it: it no longer serves its former function. I find them still with regularity in academic libraries, in the science and engineering…

The Uses of Biography

    If, as was axiomatic in romantic theory, the potter left his thumbprints on the vase, then a knowledge of his life, his personality, and the conditions of the age that affected them could help define the special qualities…

Facing the Monolith

It’s submerged in nearly every sentence, diphthong without which it’s hard to go for long (ask the Oulipo). It, a tic, a blip, a spear to pierce the Good Year blimp, an exclamation point without a dot, you can’t avoid…