Andy Mozina

Andy Mozina has published stories in Tin House, the Southern Review, the Missouri Review, Mississippi Review, and elsewhere, including The Small Chair, the new iPhone application from McSweeney’s. His first story collection, The Women Were Leaving the Men, won the 2008 Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers Award for fiction. He teaches literature and creative writing at Kalamazoo College.

Love Triangle by the Sea

The deep-sea fisherman was always squinting into the sun. The marine biologist studied the hearing abilities of longfin squid. The gift shop clerk wrote poems on the backs of receipts customers said they didn’t need. The clerk was pale, wiry,…

My Nonsexual Affair

My nonsexual affair began on the day Linda and I had hot fudge sundaes, in the park, near the fence, where most of the grass was dead and the weeds could not be identified by anyone who was not a…