Ben Miller

Ben Miller, author of the winding River Bend Chronicle, continues to be inspired by the experience of working with the exacting staff of Lookout Books to see that work into print. New prose is soon forthcoming in Harvard Review, the Southern Review, Hotel Amerika, St. Petersburg Review, and elsewhere. His awards include fellowships from the NEA and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, as well as a research grant from the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America. In April 2018 he will be leading an exploratory seminar at Harvard titled Creating a Living Archive of Shared Humanity: The FB Library / Database of Remembrance and Human Rights.

The Hornpipe and the Rake

A husband considers the bucolic couple on the decorative plates he and his wife purchased early in their marriage, and meditates on the work of a rewarding partnership.

The Reinvention of Ice

1. Mr. Creighton invented an ice-skating rink that fit neatly into a cardboard carton, ready for shipping across the continental United States and Canada. Each kit contained bags of screws, many metal strips—dyed purple, for some reason—and a bundled tarp.…