Cary Holladay

Cary Holladay’s seven volumes of fiction include Horse People: Stories, released by Louisiana State University Press in 2013, and The Deer in the Mirror, released by Ohio State University Press, also in 2013. A native of Virginia, she has received an O. Henry Prize and an NEA fellowship. She teaches at the University of Memphis.

Death Next Door

Witnessing the epilogue of a lonely life, a writer contemplates lost friendships, mail-order steaks, and the distances between neighbors.

Boarders and Travelers

I. My grandmother, my beloved Gee-Gee, was sick, and I was scared. She looked as pretty as ever, with the same soft white skin and wavy silver hair. She’d kept not only her figure but also her energy; however, there…

Horse People

Barrett Fenton believed his father really did love all his sons the same, Barrett and his six brothers. By October 1927, the oldest, John, was eighteen, and the youngest, Dudley, was two and a half. Barrett was next to last,