Emily Louise Smith

Emily Louise Smith is the publisher and art director of Ecotone and the co-founder and publisher of its sister imprint, Lookout Books. She teaches in the creative writing department at UNC Wilmington, where she also directs the publishing certificate program. Her honors include fellowships from the Studios of Key West, Hambidge, and the Hub City Writers Project, as well as a Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Prize. Her poems and essays appear or are forthcoming in Best New Poets, the Southern Review, The Southern Poetry Anthology, New South, 27 Views of Wilmington, and Literary Publishing in the 21st Century.

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Prints and a Conversation

I didn’t appreciate the Gulf Coast until I had some distance from it. For the brief time that I lived away from the South, I missed it in a far more visceral sense than just being absent.

About the Cover

As we were busy putting together this issue devoted to the theme of sound, student architects from the Estonian Academy of Arts were installing the three large-scale megaphones featured on our cover. In a densely forested area of the Pahni…

A Conversation with Kirsten Sims

  Emily Louise Smith: The energetic style and colors of your paintings convey whimsy and humor—I think of those exaggerated, long-limbed characters—and yet some also hint at misfortune. Your work seems both playful and ominous. Kirsten Sims: Playful and ominous,