Eriko Hattori

Eriko Hattori is an artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. Their work revolves around a set of avatars who tell narratives revolving around fetish, sexuality, and perceptions of femininity. Existing in a cosmos inhabited by chimeras, demons, and masked figures, these icons represent Hattori’s ongoing exploration of their queer identity in relation to their ancestral heritage.

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Infinite Affinities: Work from the Queer Ecology Hanky Project

As queer printmakers, artists, and nature freaks, we began the Queer Ecology Hanky Project as a way to bring together our many interests. Inviting artists to explore queer ecology—an area of inquiry that unites the study of biology, environment, and sexuality within the framework of queer theory—has given us windows into divergent possibilities for gender and sexuality, models of resilience and resistance in a world that feels increasingly bleak.