George Echevarria

George Echevarria is a freelance graphic designer and photographer. The bulk of his clientele is local small businesses in Miami—artists, restaurants, venues, yoga teachers, shops, friends of friends. He also works with socially committed nonprofits including the Guttmacher Institute and the Ms. Foundation for Women. Born and raised in Miami, Echevarria grew up surrounded by malanga, guava, plantains, and bananas and became interested in urban gardening in his twenties. He spends as much time as possible in the swamp or on the beach hunting for wild foods.

Dance  – 

Negotiating Surrender: Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre

In my process as a choreo­grapher, usually the image comes first: a spinning white plate, an underwater queen, a weeping bounce house, spaghetti hair. When constructing and deconstructing that image in the studio, I practice a sort of radical presence encompassing my body, my spirit, and the image. I aim at breaking open the symbolism in a way that might reveal something about the human condition. That research recycles back into my body and distills into a kernel of physical information that I use as a psychic barometer to navigate a more lengthy research period. The more time I have in this state, the more I am able to articulate tasks that I feel will guide the dancers toward surrender.

The photographs and notes shown here document this process through three works: Tropical Depression, a work in progress set to premiere in May 2019 at Miami Dade Live Arts; Carne Viva, first shown at the American Dance Festival (ADF) in 2016; and Make Believe, first shown at ADF in 2018.