James Salter

James Salter, a five-time winner of the O. Henry Prize, is an American novelist, memoirist, and short-story writer. He was born in New York City, in 1925, and served for twelve years as a U.S. Army Air Force pilot in the Pacific, Europe, and Korea. Salter is the author of five novels, The Hunters (1957), The Arm of Flesh (1961), A Sport and a Pastime (1967), Light Years (1975), and Solo Faces (1979); two memoirs, Burning the Days (1997) and Gods of Tin (2004); and the collections Dusk and Other Stories, which won the 1989 PEN/Faulkner Award, and Last Night (2005). He divides his time between Aspen, Colorado, and Bridgehampton, Long Island.


It was late August. In the harbor the boats lay still, not the slightest stirring of their masts, not the softest clink of a sheave. The restaurants had long since closed. An occasional car, headlights glaring, came over the bridge…