Jaimy Gordon

Jaimy Gordon’s most recent novels are Bogeywoman and Lord of Misrule, winner of the National Book Award. Her novel She Drove Without Stopping brought her an Academy-Institute Award for her fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. She is also the author of a novella, Circumspections from an Equestrian Statue, and the fantasy classic novel Shamp of the City-Solo. She has translated Maria Beig’s Hermine: An Animal Life, and, with Peter Blickle, Beig’s novel Lost Weddings. She teaches at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo and in the Prague Summer Program for Writers.

Hermine: An Animal Life

WORM Hermine’s first memory is of the wrinkled face of a Nahne, of a father’s bad-tempered scowl and the angry faces of sisters and brothers who were struck and struck back. There was only one ray of light among them:…