Jenna Le

Jenna Le is a physician and the author of Six Rivers and A History of the Cetacean American Diaspora, a second-place winner in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association’s Elgin Awards. A two-time winner of the Poetry by the Sea sonnet competition, she has had poems appear in AGNI, Denver Quarterly, the Los Angeles Review, and elsewhere.

Writing Away from Closure

Chad Abushanab’s poem “Here on Earth” smoothly combines the overarching shape of a Shakespearean sonnet with the ABCB rhymes and tetrameter rhythms more common to ballads and hymns to create a tender, limpid hymn of loss. This gentle blending of…

Byerly’s — Fine Foods — 24 Hours

The aisles were carpeted in oyster-gray, with deep
blue edging, and they sold a damn good wild-rice soup.
One service that they offered free of charge: they’d snap
your headshot, print it on a card for you to keep

An Unsent Letter

Dear ——,
         Last night, my mother asked me if
I’ll miss it: this New Hampshire town, its few
unhip, unfamous restaurants peripheral
to a town green unmown, untended to