Jill Sisson Quinn

is the recipient of the Annie Dillard Award and the John Burroughs Award for an outstanding published nature essay. She is the author of Deranged: Finding a Sense of Place in the Landscape and in the Lifespan. Her work appears in Fourth Genre, Orion, OnEarth, and many other journals, and has been reprinted in The Best American Science and Nature Writing. She lives in Scandinavia, Wisconsin.

The Myth of Home

This lake believes it is the ocean. It speaks the same language—a tongue like wind, the only word an unceasing sibilance. Ring-billed gulls search for arthropods and fish, wings bent earthward at the wrists like paper airplanes made by smart…

Sign Here If You Exist

The female giant ichneumon wasp flies, impressively for her near-eight- inch length, with the light buoyancy of cottonwood fluff, seemingly without direction, simply aloft. Despite her remarkable size, she is not bulky. Her three-part body makes up only about three…