John Hay

John Hay is the author of seventeen books, including The Run and, most recently, Mind the Gap. Among his many honors, he has won the John Burroughs Award for Nature Writing and been named the Massachusetts conservationist of the year.


A Wild Homeland

What I wanted to do was follow the year around, recognizing that hours, days, months, or years are as elusive as unseen atoms (even though, universal law being consistent, we deduce their behavior with some success). I am not sure…

The Last Day in October

The night, after a deceptively bright and soothing day, seems suddenly withdrawn. The wind has a hard feel to it, as if a northern authority had come to stay. Heavy rolls of cumulus clouds hang in the sky when morning…


March progresses toward its end, gradually adding to the population. Dark-headed, deep-colored male robins tug at worms on the lawn. Red-winged blackbirds sail low over marshes, or take stations by the edge of a pond, with needy cries. The purple…