Ecotone heads to DC this weekend for the 2018 Split This Rock Poetry Festival!
Find us at the Social Change Book Fair on Saturday.


Kwame Dawes

Kwame Dawes is the author of thirteen books of poetry and many books of fiction, nonfiction, and drama. His collection Hope’s Hospice (Peepal Tree Press) will be published this spring. He is Distinguished Poet in Residence at the University of South Carolina, where he directs the South Carolina Poetry Initiative and the University of South Carolina Arts Institute. Dawes is also the programming director of Jamaica’s Calabash International Literary Festival, which takes place each May.

Essay  – 

Gone Fishing

There's your hoe out in the sun Where you left a row half done —Louis Armstrong and Bing Cosby Catfish, bream, and redeye bass, River of Muscadines, of hardwood bluffs, and mossy grottoes,…