Matthew Cooperman

Matthew Cooperman is the author of NOS (disorder, not otherwise specified), with Aby Kaupang, released by Futurepoem in 2018. Earlier books include Spool, winner of the New Measure Prize from Free Verse Editions, 2016; the text + image collaboration Imago for the Fallen World, with Marius Lehene, released by Jaded Ibis in 2013; and Still: Of the Earth as the Ark Which Does Not Move, released by Counterpath in 2011. A poetry editor for Colorado Review and professor at Colorado State University, he lives in Fort Collins with his wife, the poet Aby Kaupang, and their two children.

Second Report on the Niobrara Shales

Thank you, Michelle, for navigating us through all the legal stuff and getting the best deal we could get.
—post comment, the Niobrara News: Niobrara Shale Oil Play Information for the Common Joe, 2014


                                                   a personal roar
                                                   in seas beneath
                                                   what herbaceous life is
                                                   in time sink