Steve Almond

Steve Almond spent seven years as a newspaper reporter in Texas and Florida before writing his first book, My Life in Heavy Metal. His nonfiction book, Candyfreak, was a New York Times Bestseller, and his story collection, God Bless America, published by Lookout Books in 2011, won the Paterson Prize for Fiction. He has also written previous story collections, novels, and nonfiction books, the most recent of which is Against Football: One Fan’s Reluctant Manifesto. His fiction has appeared in Playboy, Tin House, Zoetrope, Ploughshares, Ecotone, and elsewhere, and has been reprinted in Best American Short Stories and The Pushcart Prize. He lives outside Boston.

Dritter Klasse Ohne Fensterscheiben

One boy, lost to the madness of hunger, leaped at the stepladder to a coal car and disappeared. A magic trick. She began to understand her father’s fascination with trains. They marked the division between progress and loss, between the rescued and the damned.

Hagar’s Sons

COHEN (AT WORK) The call startled him. Cohen rarely received calls at work. The voice—silky, vaguely hostile—belonged to Mr. Vanderweghe’s assistant. “Mr. Vanderweghe will need to see you,” she said. “Of course,” Cohen said.