Ecotone heads to DC this weekend for the 2018 Split This Rock Poetry Festival!
Find us at the Social Change Book Fair on Saturday.


Susan Zakin

Susan Zakin is the author of Coyotes and Town Dogs: Earth First! and the Environmental Movement (Viking, 1993) and the editor of Naked: Writers Uncover the Way We Live on Earth (Four Walls Eight Windows, 2004). As a journalist, she became one of the country’s most respected sources on environmental politics. She is at work on a novel about a West African warlord in exile in suburban Virginia.

Men in the Dunes

We’re the bad people who are ruining the earth.” I smile. He smiles. He looks like Sam Peckinpah, road-worn and grizzled. His friend is younger, a Brad Pitt look-alike stalled out somewhere east of Hollywood. The Southern California desert always…