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Hurricane Poetics and Crip Psychogeographies

One weekend in October 2017, we led a workshop at Movement Research, a New York City laboratory for the investigation of dance and movement forms. As the cofounders of the Asylum Project, a range of site-specific explorations of sanctuary, edge space, and communal well-being, infused by crip culture / disability culture values, we are interested in poetry and performance as ways of being in the world.
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Negotiating Surrender: Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre

In my process as a choreo­grapher, usually the image comes first: a spinning white plate, an underwater queen, a weeping bounce house, spaghetti hair. When constructing and deconstructing that image in the studio, I practice a sort of radical presence encompassing my body, my spirit, and the image. I aim at breaking open the symbolism in a way that might reveal something about the human condition. That research recycles back into my body and distills into a kernel of physical information that I use as a psychic barometer to navigate a more lengthy research period. The more time I have in this state, the more I am able to articulate tasks that I feel will guide the dancers toward surrender. The photographs and notes shown here document this process through three works: Tropical Depression, a work in progress set to premiere in May 2019 at Miami Dade Live Arts; Carne Viva, first shown at the American Dance Festival (ADF) in 2016; and Make Believe, first shown at ADF in 2018.