From the Editor

Fidelity to Fact

April—every day a new flower scent to try to identify; every day warmer—and I’m thinking yet again about a perennial conundrum. Amid distraction, and amid so much information, how to hold in mind the many present threats to ecological balance?

An Editor and a Poet

During the past nearly three years, we at Ecotone experienced some great luck—the company of Jason Bradford, our coeditor for poetry, and of his mother, Shirley Niedermann. Early this year, just after the semester’s first meeting of the graduate practicum…

Five Songs

ECOTONE ISSUE 20 IS BURSTING WITH SOUND, a sampling of which is included here, in our first audio supplement. Four of these tracks feature songs from Southern musicians: Piedmont blues player Etta Baker and her sister, Cora Phillips; ballad singer…