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Digging to the Antipode

In 2017, I lived in two antipodal places in Southern Spain and Northern New Zealand, only one hour away from the exact antipodal coordinates for each: Rota, in Cádiz, Spain; and Muriwai Beach, New Zealand. This made them virtually the farthest places from each other I could inhabit— 12,391.34 miles apart. In Spain, I started to make maps that included elements of ancient maps of both Cádiz and New Zealand, superimposed with lines that reference longitude and latitude

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Inextricably Bound

This woven material data map, when complete, will comprise more than three hundred sets of data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and over 1,500 feet of thread-wrapped medical tubing.

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Ringing the Changes

I love the sound of bells ringing out in the air. Highly structured ringing sequences were created by ordinary folk in England in the seventeenth century. Their quest was to perform all the permutations—all the different arrangements possible—of seven bells.
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True Courses: Starting from Sayre

Found poems from the March 26, 1998, edition of the Dallas Sectional Chart Once, when I was practicing cross-country flights during my pilot’s training, I flew from Salisbury, Maryland, to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. If I was on course,