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from Ford Over

The image / poem / maps that follow are part of Ford Over, published by Noemi Press in 2016. The project is cutup and aggregate and mashup: made of language drawn from the multi­lingual chronicles of explorers who traveled through the land now known as…
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The Voices of Birds

Birds, like people, have dialects. These intonations and manners of communicating can tell listeners where an individual is from, which other birds they associate with, and even what they prefer to eat.
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What’s Your Ecotone?

All of us at Ecotone are dedicated to reimagining place. As the magazine’s tenth-anniversary year began, we asked you, our community, about your ecotones—where you call home, what your favorite piece from Ecotone is, how you imagine your place in the world.

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The Seethe and Burble of Chicago . . .

The Seethe and Burble of Chicago, Thirty Years Ago, as Experienced by a Young Penniless Energetic Fellow, Shy but Curious, Fast Enough Then to Sprint Away from Trouble & Armed with Just Enough Coin to Catch the Last Cicero Avenue…