And then it wasn’t just plastic / at Gore Point in the Antarctic (population: 0) / but at thirty thousand feet above / the Pyrenees (population: birds) / and in the lungs of every living / lunged creature. . . .


My student writes, Time is a blend of space / and time. What he means is that, to be / thunderstruck, you must jiggle the antenna / that draws down lightning.

Dear Nintendo

The map seems near enough / to infinite hours of terrain // dunes and glaciers and grasslands / the mountains the badlands // the scablands and ruins / the islets the bogs // how many days roaming from my couch. . .

Get Out of My House

Almost morning, she sings with her sister who says she never visits enough. / I want her like this, a little drunk, laughing. Ay. / My father didn’t sleep last night. He pictured her / hidden in the folds of her apron.