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The Contrast

 With pen in hand, I shall contrast, The present moments with the past And mark difference, not by grains, But weighed by feelings, joys and pains. Calm, tranquil—far from fashion’s gaze, Passed all my earliest, happy days Sweetly flew the golden hours, In St. Mary’s woodland bowers Or my father’s simple hall, Oped to whomsoe’er might call


When color comes back to the world, leaving gets near. By the roadside, auburn and cream cows chew spangled green. Creeks steam. A lone bull’s horns gore

Solitary Sonzal

Whose voice was that, here, where I lie alone? Look at you, said Eros. Scared, shy, alone. I dreamt my dreaming of you Brought us together. I love you as only dust can love you.

Visionary Sonzal

Keen eyes read the top row, staring straight ahead until the words unfocus. G, then something, then D . . . If only that middle letter were in focus! On this eye chart, every focal point is a vanishing point. Desire dilates pupils. We can’t keep the world in focus.