Garden cycle (keeping time)

Early blue lavender (Munstead) and air cannons over grain fields
(the pheasant, visiting us regularly now, startles in the hedges)

Rosemary flowers like minuscule orchids (and insects see how to go)
Writing at all feels pointless from the moment I think about death


Watauga County, North Carolina

Everything comes first from the mind of God, which is the hand of God,
the thinking hand.
Did you want the destruction to take place before the beauty, or after.

This is the Love

This is my lover, but when I cease to love him I will leave him.
This is my lover. For him I am, of an evening, leaf and hymnal.
This is my lover. But when I seize love, certain trees sing off-key.


The gum she bought by the flat. Blue or green,
mixed in her mouth with the brown chaw we found
in its pouch in the drawer, it congealed—