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How He Survived

That summer, my father dug graves by hand,                             twenty-five dollars each. Vietnam was sending back bodies faster than


At night behind a flimsy plastic window shade                              we watched as a stump slathered with bacon grease lured foxes in. From the truck, we swept fields     with spotlights looking for deer. I learned to see

Second Report on the Niobrara Shales

Thank you, Michelle, for navigating us through all the legal stuff and getting the best deal we could get. —post comment, the Niobrara News: Niobrara Shale Oil Play Information for the Common Joe, 2014   a personal roar in seas beneath what herbaceous life is Michelle in time sink

Special Delivery

from the archives of the United States Postal Museum Tell me, someone, is it time for James to arrive by Parcel Post from a mile away, a mere fifteen cents of a boy, eight months old, sent by his parents to stay with his grandmother