Land Acknowledgment

Ecotone is published in what is now called Wilmington, North Carolina, which is located on the traditional and ancestral territory of the Waccamaw, Catawba, and Cape Fear People, among others whose names we may not know. For thousands of years,…


Errata: Due to an editorial error, the print issue of Ecotone 19 incorrectly lists the title of Claire Vaye Watkins’s  forthcoming novel. The correct title is Gold Fame Citrus. Credits: “Volcano” excerpted from The Narrow Door by Paul Lisicky,

A Letter from Peter Matthiessen

I love the quicksilver intuitions, the summoning of wind and light, the variations John Hay plays in his fine responses to the natural world and the life of our surrounding oceans, in particular. We both live on the Northeast coast,

A Letter from Wendell Berry

I met John Hay only once. A quiet, watchful man, he had a pair of binoculars on a strap around his neck, just in case. I liked that. It gave an assuring sense of continuity between the man and his…

Eight Collages

Making the collages for Ecotone began as active procrastination last February. A thesis paper loomed and in between finishing the paintings and writing the paper I compulsively cut and glued. There was a freedom in this side trip that benefited…

The Singing

I can hear her through the thin wall, singing, up before the sun: two notes, a kind of hushed half-breathing, each time the baby makes that little moan— can hear her trying not to sing,

Two poems

Ice Pick also for Lilah Hook Yours, yours, yours. I held your fluted mind and lied. The best of me, the cream & curve of this, the compline & canto of that, the best of me,