A Biological Homage to Mickey Mouse

Age often turns fire into placidity. Lytton Strachey, in his incisive portrait of Florence Nightingale, writes of her declining years: Destiny, having waited very patiently, played a queer trick on Miss Nightingale. The benevolence and public spirit of that long…

Lone Skier in Glacier Gorge

All afternoon blown snow has screamed off the summits into sky’s high-altitude cobalt. Even now as the sun dips westerly and ice crags burn gold at the edges those snow-shapes keep hurling up, dervishing so wildly away over iron peaks…

On Dry Hill

If you were to suggest to the fishermen and carpenters who live down the street from John Hay that he is one of the great artists and original thinkers of the latter part of the twentieth century, you could forgive…

A Wild Homeland

What I wanted to do was follow the year around, recognizing that hours, days, months, or years are as elusive as unseen atoms (even though, universal law being consistent, we deduce their behavior with some success). I am not sure…

On Living In-Between

A few years ago, my wife and I spent two off-seasons living in a house on the edge of land and sea. It was the type of house all of us have dreamed of living in, not particularly large or…

Whan That Aprill

Noah has promised to help bury the Olcotts first thing in the morning. As he waits in the kitchen for Arthur, he watches Alice at the sink. She pours a brown paper bag of strawberries into a copper colander. One…