Late Summer Subscription Special

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The autumn clematis has begun blooming near Ecotone’s offices, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to call it fall! For a few more weeks, it’s still summer here—and we’re celebrating with a special. You can subscribe, or renew an existing subscription, for one year for just $12.95—fifty percent off the cover price. Just use the code sweetsummer at checkout any time through September 22.

Or you can save even more: the discount applies to two- and three-year subscriptions too. If you’re already a subscriber, be sure to choose a renewal option, and we’ll add your renewal to your existing subscription.

Each issue of Ecotone is filled with work that reimagines place, from a wide array of writers and artists. If you’ve idly thought about subscribing, or if you had a subscription once, long ago, and it has lapsed, think like the ant in a certain fable, and stock up for the winter to come. We’ll send you our upcoming Country and City issue to start.

Thanks for your support of place-based writing. And for a little while longer yet, happy summer!