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An image of two broadsides, one bright yellow and one bright purple, with text reading, Support Ecotone this fall & receive a letterpress-printed broadside!

As the year reaches its close, we’re thankful to you, Ecotone readers, for turning your attention to our contributors’ writing and art. We’re thankful too for your support of our work to make writing of place more available and beloved in the world, and to train new editors and designers. We hope you’ll consider helping us to continue in this by supporting the magazine with a donation. This year, in gratitude, we’re thrilled to offer limited-edition, letterpress-printed broadsides from the Jason Bradford–Shirley Niedermann Broadside Series, made by Jessica C. White. Each features a stunning poem from our Love Issue: Ashley M. Jones’s “Aubade: My Mother Calls Home” and Lesley Wheeler’s “Unsonnet.” Give $25 or more to receive your choice of broadside. For gifts of $100 or more, we’ll send both your way. They look pretty sweet together!

We are, as ever, thankful for donations in any amount. Please visit giving.uncw.edu/ecotone. Your gift will directly support the work we do—printing new issues, paying contributors, and more.

Thank you—and warm wishes for the season you’re in, wherever you find your place.

Anna Lena Phillips Bell