Supplies and preparation for 11/4 printing workshop


A foam roller ($3.99 at Michael’s) or a brayer

Two or three colors of acrylic paint ($1.49/ea and up at Michael’s) or block printing ink

Sheets of paper to print on (a bit thicker—printmaking paper, nice drawing paper, or mixed media paper—will be easiest to work with, but feel free to experiment with what’s available or what you have!)

A spray bottle and paper towels for cleanup

Two boxes of Knox unflavored gelatin (2 oz. total) or two boxes of Jello flavored gelatin (6 oz. total)

Links to foam roller and paint above go to Michael’s, and the gelatin is at Publix, but any craft store and grocery store, respectively, should have these things.

Also good to gather:

A pan (a square or rectangular baking dish or cake pan works well) to make the gelatin in

Things that can add texture to the ink on your plate, such as jar and bottle lids, a comb, textured fabric (that you don’t mind getting paint on), seashells, etc.

Preparation (must be done by the night before)

See Jessica’s instructions (Gelatin Printing Materials and Recipes) for how to make your gelatin plate. You’ll need to do this the night before the workshop, latest, so that it has time to set.