Shan Shui #11

Archival Pigment Print, 2019
60 x 40 inches


Shan Shui: Landscapes Revisited is a series of evocative, abstract mountain- and cloudscapes, organic and layered, reminiscent of Chinese shan shui landscapes. Placing emphasis on expression rather than representation, classical Chinese landscape paintings did not aim to show the realistic appearance of nature but instead to capture its essence and rhythm. In doing so, they reveal the artist’s inner landscape. In this series I search for expression by exploring the boundaries of photographic process, delving into the photographic materials themselves. The photosensitive chemicals in instant film, exposed to ambient light and hand-extruded, are worked in stages over time, capturing movement and gesture and recording evidence of the artist’s hand, which ultimately finds expression in the collision of light, chemicals, film, and physical manipulation.


© Jonas Yip, 2019