36Kr : : The Hidden One

I wear the double mask of argon to awaken you
into my dream. There’s no need to make an entrance
beneath chandelier of wet wax & skin. No blue velvet
walls, no blue lady hellebores blooming in precious oil flames.
Between us, you are the rarer noble, mostly untouched & mono-
chromatic. Too remote to grace. So I quickstep like a whisper
that fogs up higher ground. I swivel the air while all your electrons
play it cool. While I keep the pressure low enough & bless Tesla
coils to excite you. Until, together, we smother & twist the room
into chartreuse. How only I can make you react by being seen.
At midnight, we cast off shaky veneer of venetian feather, tulle & glister,
bare the bliss of grimace as we bless a string quartet out of the last harpist.
Drag me, lover, over raspy aria, over power ballad.
Lose us in the thick of black mondo grass, my Queen of Night tulip.