80Hg : : Liquid Silver

Screw electricity. Sever the silent horse
skittering back & forth, captive in sealed
glass. Shatter those who smothered you
onto their soles, simply to walk on water.
What I’d give to palm the quick in your quiver & drip
such a singular solidity down my chin & liver. Conduct
your bloody symphony between my kidneys, sweet me
in bitter tremors. Take my measure as your one & only
fever. I’ll bury every barometer. Don’t you know I’m toxic
for you? I float & volcano. I’m the coin that keeps Charon
ferrying the dead; I’m the last one he’s dying to accept.
Let’s never end torment. Let’s sepsis & sing—my nervous
system is already dissolving. Split me from rock & hold me down,
swallowing deeply. Spin the gold out, like dirty shine from a mouth.