Being a fragmentary history of the United Farmworkers Movement…

Being a fragmentary history of the United Farmworkers Movement; of their surveillance by the illegitimate authority of the so-called “United States Federal Bureau of Investigation”; of the possibility of solidarity; of the worker and the student; of the fact that class position and racialization are entangled in racial capitalism; of the beauty of the strike; of the true war on poverty which is abolition of whiteness and police and bosses and landlords; of the warmth of the grapes and the smell of them; of the hundreds of miles marched with the blue lady and her roses on a banner overhead; of the boycotts which reached even little white households like the one I grew up in; of the triumph of human dignity despite truncheons; of the land in the morning under the lifting fog; of the file holding the names of Filipino organizers and workers, and Mexican organizers and workers, and Black radicals and organizers and workers, and white college students (‘outside agitators’) and so being a document of material hope, which is action, not emotion; of migration (a natural process and a human right); of labor and skill; of, that is, fuck the cops and long live the union, composed as it is of imperfect people; of the right to rest and water and toilets and movement and wages and safety and medicine and schools; of the farm implements glinting in the sun and the human bodies there working the land with them: Part One

all text taken from the FBI file on Cesar Chavez


“Cesar Chavez was roughed up by some farmers”
“El Malcriado”
“Eyewitness Account of Big Farm Strike”
“Huelga,” which according to the caption means strike in Spanish

“HUELGA” means “strike”
“HUELGA” means “strike” or to “leave the place vacant”

“La Union Brotherhood”
“strong arm man”
“The People’s World”
“The Worker”
“war on poverty”-type organization

(anti-poverty program)
(sent with memo)
(who will be discussed further)

[top of page 25, file 1 Chavez]

1221 Kensington
135 pounds
14 years
1905 Clinton, Delano

20 to 30 young Filipinos
31 indigent migrant farm workers
3706 Robin Ln., Visalia, California
72 Filipino grape pickers participating

a boycott of local businesses
a check on Miss Goepel as well
a communist background
a Communist Party member from 1943 to 1951
a Credit Union for farm workers
a current strike against grape growers

a dark complexion

a farm workers strike in Arvin, California
a federal grant for the NFWA
a former migrant worker
a fraternal organization among Filipino people
a free-lance photographer
a grant
a local independent union
a male Filipino, age 51
a male Filipino, age 52
a male Mexican
a member of the Communist Political Association
a nonprofit organization of persons of Mexican-American descent

a picture of Dolores Huerta

a sign that states “HUELGA” (Spanish word for strike)
a similar request
a subversive background
a telephone listed at 630 Belmont
a white male
a white male, born 12/17/35
a young woman

about 5000 workers
active in movements of one type or another