This is the creature there has never been.
This is the dagger you will never wield
beyond this world. Wild yourself again—

horned woodland beast with a devious grin
brandishing her bloody longsword & shield.
Unleash the creature there has never been!

Even though the quests & realms you’ve seen
imitate gestures of life, in this field
you don’t have to be your plain self again.

Obsessed with being good & liked & thin,
a hungry body that chews with dull lips sealed,
I became the creature there has always been—

My mother & her mother & her kin,
who said to their men at marriage, I yield.
Is it too late to wild yourself again?

Bewildered, wounded, savage, full of sin,
we make a world where damages are healed.
We are the creatures there have never been—
Together we bewild ourselves again.