Second Report on the Niobrara Shales

Thank you, Michelle, for navigating us through all the legal stuff and getting the best deal we could get.
—post comment, the Niobrara News: Niobrara Shale Oil Play Information for the Common Joe, 2014


                                                   a personal roar
                                                   in seas beneath
                                                   what herbaceous life is
                                                   in time sink
                                                   some good water
                                                   resting      rusting
                                                   weld unanimously
                                                   a massive field
                                                   to use how
                                                   before fountains out
                                                   or a national monument
24 drills     18 tanks
the mind a method
of extraction     Michelle
oil before blistering
the lives of children
something built to fail
associated production
10,000 ft     deep dark
the binding direction
of flows to human thirsts
size is ridiculous
a pervasive field
lungs and minds
a shame to change
humans are not
an area
                                                   what I would
                                                   report of rumors
                                                   caustic males
                                                   the matte grasses
                                                   on damp sands
                                                   in June
                                                   under sugar pines
                                                   rosa woodsill
                                                   pale pink star
                                                   spangling mixed sky
                                                   with white water
                                                   the sight shapes
                                                   the rose filaments
                                                   deep in dunes
                                                   a new shore stirs