Visionary Sonzal

Keen eyes read the top row, staring straight ahead until the words unfocus.
G, then something, then D . . . If only that middle letter were in focus!
On this eye chart, every focal point is a vanishing point.
Desire dilates pupils. We can’t keep the world in focus.
Did you see your blinded savior when he stood here bleeding?
Or did the half-light from his sockets blur your focus?
Glassy-eyed architect, you’ve pored over the heavens long enough.
What’s pouring over us is rain. Train your eyes on earth now. Focus.
                                                                                     Some eyes see the world as it one day might be.
                                                                                                    It is the compassionate who look away.
                                                                Unless art is a glass of acid flung at downcast reading eyes.
                                                                      The most God-focused people are the last to look away.
                                                              The world’s a Magic Eye illusion. Focus beyond the surface,
                                                                   And the suffering emerges. Amit, why do you look away?