Ecotone, the literary magazine dedicated to reimagining place, welcomes work from a wide range of voices. We are particularly interested in place-based work by people and from perspectives historically underrepresented in literary publishing and in place-based contexts: writers and artists who are Black, Indigenous, people of color, people with disabilities, people who are gender-nonconforming and LGBTQIA+, women, people with low access to wealth, people from rural places, and others. We welcome the work of emerging writers of all ages and walks of life. Please review our complete guidelines before submitting. We strongly encourage writers to read work we’ve published before sending their own. A selection of writing and art from recent issues is featured on our website, where you can also order a copy of the magazine or subscribe.

How to Submit

We read submissions via Submittable and via post (for which see below). Each year, when possible, we offer two reading periods, generally beginning in January and in August. In addition, we offer a Valentine’s Day reading period, in which we invite submissions of work we love and would like to see more of. We occasionally must adjust submissions windows for administrative reasons; if we do so, the new dates will be posted in this space. (You can also follow us on Submittable to ensure you always have up-to-date deadlines.) In particular, please note that, depending upon interest, we may need to close before the end of our general window in order to give the work we receive the attention it deserves.

Winter 2024 (updated 1/24)

Due to the overwhelming response to our fall reading period, we are only opening to general nonfiction submissions this reading period. We will still accept submissions in all genres from our current subscribers.

Valentine’s Day 2024:

You may send work once per reading period—one submission in fall and one in spring—and once during our Valentine’s Day window if you have something that fits our call for work. Additional submissions, regardless of genre, will be deleted or recycled unread.

Fall 2024 (Anticipated; subject to change. Updates will be posted here.)

If you send work during our general window, on completion of your submission, we’ll send you a discount for the amount of the fee, $3 off a year’s subscription (or renewal) to the magazine. Or you may subscribe or renew to submit with no fee. Current Ecotone subscribers, please choose the appropriate subscriber category in Submittable. Subscriptions will be verified, so be sure to enter your order number.

Postal Submissions

We are committed to receiving submissions by post for many reasons, among them to offer a fee-free option during our general reading periods. Long live the USPS! All manuscripts and all correspondence regarding submissions sent to our physical address should be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) for a response; no replies will be given by email to submissions sent through the mail. Writers outside the United States, please use Ecotone’s online submissions system to send your work.

We adhere strictly to posted dates. Any mailed submission postmarked outside the listed submission periods above will be recycled unread. We assume no responsibility for delay, loss, or damage.

Submissions sent within the States may be posted, within our reading periods only, to the following address.

{Genre} Editor, Ecotone
Department of Creative Writing
University of North Carolina Wilmington
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-5938

What We’re Looking For

We seek work that reimagines place. In addition to a wide range of place-engaged work, we continue to seek work in all genres that engages with the climate crisis.

Submissions are considered for all upcoming issues, themed and unthemed. For more on our themed issues, visit our Upcoming Issues page. The theme we’re currently reading for, for the fall/winter 2024 issue, is Labor.


We appreciate a wide range of essays, and are especially interested in nonfiction that engages deeply, but not overly seriously, with the sciences—ecology, natural history, and other fields, in both Western and non-Western contexts.

We like to see fiction that is deeply rooted in place, and/or that engages similarly with ecology, natural history, climate crisis, et al.

A prose submission consists of one prose piece (fiction or nonfiction) of no more than thirty double-spaced pages (approx. 10,000 words).

Prose Formatting


We are especially interested in poetry that engages with the social and natural sciences and/or considers place, ecology, identity, and climate crisis, as well as poetry that uses form, meter, and/or other poetic constraints in innovative and expansive ways. Work in the French repeating forms (rondeaux, ballades, rondelets, and the like) as well as in newer forms (golden shovels, fibs, etc.) is especially encouraged, as is work that employs meters other than iambic.

A poetry submission consists of three (minimum) to five (maximum) poems.

Poetry Formatting

Supplemental Material

Cover Letters

Include a brief cover letter with your submission. For online submissions, this should be included in the cover letter field, not part of the file with the work. In your letter, please include:

We strive to maintain a balance between work from writers new to the magazine and those whose work we have loved and published in the past.

SASE (for postal submissions and correspondence) 

All manuscripts and all correspondence regarding submissions sent to our physical address should be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) for a response; no replies will be given by email to submissions sent through the mail. If you send work via post, you may email us [ecotone at uncw dot edu] ONLY to withdraw part or all of your submission (see After Submitting, below); otherwise, write us the old-fashioned way. As noted, we assume no responsibility for delay, loss, or damage.

Eligibility & FAQs

We accept:
We do not accept:

Send work via Submittable here.

Or send via post!

After Submitting

Response time

On average, we respond within six to nine months, although sometimes longer due to the volume of submissions received. We continue to review submissions and will be in touch as soon as we can.


Do not query us about your submission unless there is a need—for instance, if the work you submitted will appear in a forthcoming collection. We are unable to respond to general status queries. Should you need to be in touch, please do so via Submittable message (or by post if you sent work by post) rather than emailing editors. This will allow us to keep track of your message.


We will consider the version of your work that you initially submit. We do not consider revisions to submissions during our reading process.


If you send work via Submittable, do not email the editors to withdraw part or all of your submission; instead, withdraw via Submittable, or for partial withdrawals, add a message to your submission. (Do not add a note in Submittable, as notes there are only visible to you. The message function allows you to write to us.)

If you send work via post, you may email us [ecotone at uncw dot edu] to withdraw part or all of your submission.

Accepted Work

We are dedicated to supporting our contributors with a thoughtful editorial process.

We use Microsoft Word to send edits. If Word is not a good option for you, we can also work in OpenOffice or Pages.

Contributors receive an honorarium upon publication, with a $100 minimum for poetry and a $200 minimum for prose; two copies of the issue in which their work appears; and a one-year subscription beginning with the subsequent issue.

Thanks for thinking of Ecotone! We look forward to reading your work.