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Erasing the Border

I first came across the U. S.–Mexico border when I arrived in Tijuana, when my family moved from Tampico, Mexico, to live in San Diego, California, over twenty years ago. When I first saw it, it was a monster’s tail that seemed to never end, running across the terrain. On the Tijuana side everything was dusty, loud, colorful, whereas the U. S. side was green, oddly quiet, and muted in color. My family and I were able to go back and forth across this fence to visit our family. It wasn’t until 2004, when I had moved to San Francisco for college, that my mother introduced me to Friendship Park, where the border fence trails into the Pacific Ocean, splitting the waves into two countries…

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On Eavesdropping

Exploring notions of inside, outsider, and the other, I create immersive narratives and environments that encourage the audience to intrude upon private spaces. I ask viewers to confront the power dynamic between the voyeur and the viewed,…

Kayla Sees the Lowcountry

Living in lowcountry South Carolina feels at times like a dream. As a native Texan, my natural surroundings have been almost exclusively composed of parking lots, sprawling highways, endless flat fields, and the occasional howling winds of a passing tornado.
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Mystic Island

Six miles high and southbound, I watched the New Jersey coastal wetlands unfurling below me, a green carpet decorated with meandering blue threads of tidal creeks. And then a curious apparition slid into view—an alien handprint on the landscape, a…