Ritual to Reclaim the Body As a Place of Love

I looked at the rifted black rock and felt ___________________________________

I am nature and nature is killing me

The city squeezed my body

The cold the weather I felt ____________________________________________

Felt nothing

Felt I was the same as _______________________________________________

As everything before or after my body

As the television continued its bland spreading of ____________________________

As the news reported the death of the heart

I looked in a book and saw a ribbon of blood

I heard an ancestor speak

Oh humanity that is words

Oh image of ______________________________________________________

Of me as a kid and you as a kid

I remember you before the warp of whiteness

Before I was assigned an inconceivable uncontainable gender

I remember that music could pierce my body

I was mutable and my love touched god

When I say god I mean ______________________________________________

I mean _________________________________________________________

That which is infinite and indestructible

The obvious coincidence of mystery

How it is to see you

Walking toward me I am _____________________________________________

Suddenly aware of the history of temperature

That is skin

The sky is the same

Sky pinning us

To the planet

Yellow moon _____________________________________________________

Row me out of these

Little pain estuaries

Wanting something a bowl of something

A kind television god

A song

Of _____________________________________________________________

Sing me to sleep world beyond me

Give me a bowl of __________________________________________________

Rocks collected by the river

Oh language

My breath shredded my breath just

Barely making it through my ___________________________________________

The core blooms

Bloodied since birth

How can I hold my body as a ___________________________________________

For your body

Why I wondered am I _______________________________________________

How can I love you when I am _________________________________________

Just beginning to __________________________________________________