Eva Saulitis

Poet and essayist Eva Saulitis worked for nearly thirty years as a marine biologist studying killer whales in Prince William Sound. The essay reprinted in this issue comes from her book Becoming Earth, which was published after her death. Her first book of essays is Leaving Resurrection, and her memoir is Into Great Silence. Her books of poetry are Many Ways to Say It and Prayer in Wind. Saulitis lived in Homer, Alaska, and Kapa’au, Hawaii.

Becoming Earth

In an elegy for her past selves, a beloved naturalist and essayist burns letters, listens to swans, and confronts the basic state of animal life: desire.

Nipple Unremarkable

As I trudge around my sister’s Cape Cod lawn in the dark, trying to walk off chemo’s nausea and reflux, trying to breathe past the spike in my throat, I recite in my head a mantra of names from my…