The Human Enviroments Analysis Lab

The Human Environments Analysis Lab is an interdisciplinary research and training environment at the University of Western Ontario, specializing in the production, evaluation, synthesis, dissemination, and mobilization of evidence to support effective policies, programs, and practice toward creating healthy and vibrant communities. Directed by Dr. Jason Gilliland and supported by team members from disciplines including geography, nutrition, health sciences, and sociology, the lab specializes in community-based participatory research and applications of GIS for urban planning and public health. HEAL’s most recent project, on which the map in this issue is based, is Smart APPetite, a community-informed app and website to help people access local food. Funding partners for the project include Research Western, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, and the London Training Centre.

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Smart APPetite: Promoting Local Food in Ontario

Smart APPetite is a collaborative project of the Human Environments Analysis Lab that promotes smarter, healthier eating and strengthens the local food system in Ontario, Canada, by using smartphone technology to share and expand local food knowledge. App users receive…