Laurie Clements Lambeth

Laurie Clements Lambeth, author of the National Poetry Series selection Veil and Burn, is a poet, artist, and essayist. Her lyric nonfiction appears in Crab Orchard Review, the Iowa Review, Mid-American Review, and elsewhere, with recent poems in Bellevue Literary Review, Nimrod, and Crazyhorse. Concurrently working on a hybrid memoir and her second poetry collection, she teaches at the University of Houston.*

Burn Fragment

 Still the flesh insists:
            thumbcap hard hat        new little
                pileup of cells     proud flesh
        mound         uninflated
crimson blister                      singed


In order to rise
without assistance
it is best to face
backward, stirrup turned
to accommodate

Going Downhill From Here

An art lover turns to horses, the hills of her youth, and Marcel Duchamp for new perspective on neurodegenerative disease and the inherent fragility of the body.