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“After ___________”

V. Penelope Pelizzon’s poem “Some Say,” modeled very loosely on Sappho’s fragment 16,  is a stellar example of a literary imitation—a new poem based on an old poem. Your challenge is to write another.

Nonstandard Sonnets

I enjoy Jenna Le’s sonnet “Byerly’s — Fine Foods — 24 Hours” not only because I know the grocery store she writes about, but because the poem breaks out of the standard sonnet pattern in two directions at once.

Queue Ball

In the mode of Simone Muench and Jackie K. White’s “Queue,” draft your own feminist collaborative sonnet. Have one person write the first and third stanzas, and the other person compose the second and fourth stanzas,

Writing from Echoes

Romanze” by Anna Maria Hong is a twisty poem full of echoes—and full of allusions. I recognize fragments of Wallace Stevens: “imperishable bliss” from “Sunday Morning,” plus those “bawds of euphony” crying out against Stevens’ blackbirds. And it’s euphonious,

Writing Away from Closure

Chad Abushanab’s poem “Here on Earth” smoothly combines the overarching shape of a Shakespearean sonnet with the ABCB rhymes and tetrameter rhythms more common to ballads and hymns to create a tender, limpid hymn of loss. This gentle blending of…