Nature Armed Medicine

An erasure of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848


And furthermore what cannot be a citizen is great
and godly and
I am aware of what cannot be a body
nor do I want one

Nature armed medicine
and did not make republics
nor designated gender, nor property

Governments reasoned, slipped
behind previous gods to collect regret
A gathering of claimants—our rights’
sacredness betrays us

Every day he tries to turn occupation into limbs
to drown us
but you and I have matches in our
pockets, unending remedies—a love
which implores our bodies to rest
to fight

I annulled your friendship
and instead—gleaned from blood—I drew
a Guadalupe faith of impractical limits

My tongue’s seed bursts
a sea of jasmine buds, thick leaves in every valley—I
blow a concha shell and mountains flower
snakes and instead—gleaned from blood—I give love
I make no more maps