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On Eavesdropping

Exploring notions of inside, outsider, and the other, I create immersive narratives and environments that encourage the audience to intrude upon private spaces. I ask viewers to confront the power dynamic between the voyeur and the viewed,…

Art Credits

art credits Cover photograph © Tõnu Tunnel; page 7 album art courtesy of Music Maker Foundation; pages 16–17 © Kaushik Narasimhan, CC BY 2.0 via Flickr; page 40 © Romana Klee, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Flickr; page 50 © Liz…

A Conversation with Kirsten Sims

  Emily Louise Smith: The energetic style and colors of your paintings convey whimsy and humor—I think of those exaggerated, long-limbed characters—and yet some also hint at misfortune. Your work seems both playful and ominous. Kirsten Sims: Playful and ominous,